Club Manager

Adding Teams, Clubs, Bodies, Federations

Setting up a team, club, body or federation¬† is child’s play with our hierarchical management structure. Simply enter the entity name, select the sport and where it should fit in the hierarchy.

Hierarchical Listing

Entities higher up in the hierarchy are listed at the top, with lowest entity types such as teams come last.

Location Management

Any entity can add locations such as courts, fields, etc. which can be assigned to any fixtures.

Manage Teams, Clubs and Affiliations

Manage fixtures, leagues, affiliations (parent bodies and child entities), ownership and locations from one simple dashboard.

Ownership Management

If someone else takes over management of a team or other entity, ownership can be easily reassigned, without the need for the new owner to start from scratch.

Ownership Management

Reassigning ownership is simple: Enter the first few letters of the new owner’s name OR surname and the system provides a list of possibilities.

If the new owner doesn’t have a profile you can create one for them.

Affiliation Management

To link your team or club to a higher entity, simply select the entity from the list.

This list is split into three different sections:

  • Likely Links, which includes the entities in the local region one level higher up on the hierarchy,
  • Less Likely Links, which includes entities further away but still in the same province, and
  • Unlikely Links, which shows entities outside of the local province.

You can choose the type of link to the team as well, but in most instances the League Link will be most appropriate.

Once you have linked, an email is sent to the administrator of the higher entity to confirm or decline the affiliation. When they respond to the affiliation, you are in turn notified of their response.

Player Management

Adding a player to a team functions the same way as affiliating to a higher entity (see above), and the player also receives a notification that they have been added to your team. They can also choose to remove themselves from this affiliation.

Player Management

The player search feature can also be used by entering the first few letter of their name or surname. This list then includes registered players from ALL sports, not only the one that your team was created for. The icons indicate which sports the player is registered for, to help make the right choice.

Again, one a player is linked they will receive an email notifying them of the affiliation, and they can easily remove themselves from this affiliation.

Player Management

If a player doesn’t appear on any section of the abovementioned lists, they can be added by completing ALL their details.

Once submitted, the entered email address will be used to send them a notification of the registration and an auto-generated username and password.